I've been childminding from my home for 25 years and it's definitely a vocation not a job.  I put everything I have and more into my setting making it a magical place to be.  We have a large house with a beautiful secure and fully enclosed garden with different area's and three beautiful gentle dogs.  I also provide the Government funding to 2 & 3 year olds.  I was first graded OUTSTANDING in 2009 and then re-inspected 2016 and received it in all four areas and overall again. My last inspection, 2020 I gained Outstanding for the third time. I also offer nannying in your home and hotels and babysitting....

For childminding I'm very accommodating of my families and I have amazing references from a family that had three girls attend for 10 years and all my current families have been attending from under 6 months and have attended up to going to school. 

Freedom, fun and learning through play.....

Children are valued here and listened to, this ensures planning for their learning, with topics that interest them and that challenge them to ensure they are achieving.

Their files are full of the many topics we do, which can be taken home as often as families like, show what level they are at, can be added to by families and the children and can be shown to school when moving on. 

I live in a large semi-detached house with three 20ft rooms downstairs so lots of room for learning.  Outside a front garden with astro turf and play equipment, at the side an oriental pagoda for eating al fresco.  I have all my bedrooms registered so each child gets their own space for sleeping.


I have had a variety of children attend with additional needs, some with very complex health issues, so I'm trained in gastrostomy, as well as years of Autism experience with sign language and PECS.



Mischelle provides more than I ever expected from a Childminder.

I love that Simon is in a safe & respectful environment, gaining social skills, with structure & routine while learning.

Samantha Jonson 



Early Learning

I plan monthly topics that are interesting and often cultural with lots of different activities within them. We bake every week, great for taking turns, sharing, mathematics and of course celebrating a variety of festivals.  We also craft every week, ( most days) with mark making, painting, dabbing, clay and dough decorations.


I have a vehicle which has car seats for all ages and business insurane ( On all our vehicles) so we can have days out.  Often to one of the parks, St Ives, Yeadon Tarn or linked in with a theme we may be doing for example a visit to a garden centre or Cliffe Castle.